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  • Technology
    Brand/Market Channels
    Best Practices
    USD 1.3 Billion Investment
    Established Mar. 2012
    China Market
    Integration Experience
    Engineering Talents

    AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). 

    In China, For Global
    Shanghai, China
    Phoenix, U.S.
    BD, Engineering Team
    Toulouse, FR
    BD, Engineering Team

    Shanghai, China
    Located in Zizhu Hi-Tech Park with a 36,000m2 office to support the growing engineering and manufacturing needs, including world-class R&D, Integration & Test lab facilities.

    Phoenix, U.S.
    BD, Engineering Team
    Recruit top North America avionics engineering talent to develop AVIAGE SYSTEMS products, focusing on technology innovation, certification and business development in the U.S..

    Toulouse, FR
    BD, Engineering Team
    Hire the top European avionics engineering talent to jointly develop AVIAGE SYSTEMS' next generation avionics.Focus on business development and strategy planning in Europe.

    Elevating the Future of Flight
    • 2023.09

      COMAC C919 Aircraft Receives CAAC Type Certificate

    • 2023.03

      AVIAGE SYSTEMS wins Team of Excellence for Type Certification of C919 awarded by COMAC

    • 2022.10

      AVIAGE SYSTEMS wins COMAC annual supplier award for 7 years

    • 2022.09

      AVIAGE SYSTEMS got the first domestic CTSO-C153 technical standard regulation project approval (CTSOA)

    • 2022.08

      AVIAGE SYSTEMS is awarded Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises Certificate

    • 2022.08

      AVIAGE SYSTEMS completes all certification activities to supporting C919 TC

    • 2022.07

      AVIAGE SYSTEMS successfully got certificate on High-Tech status again

    • 2022.05

      Become a member of
      the INCOSE Corporate
      Advisory Board (CAB)

    • 2022.03

      New MRO capability
      DCDU is approved by
      CAAC and FAA

    • 2021.06

      Build up BLU team

    • 2021.02

      Repair Station
      Certified by FAA

    • 2019.06

      Repair Station
      Certified by CAAC

    • 2019.03

      Awarded by COMAC for 5 consecutive years

    • 2018.11

      Signed MoU with Donica & Satpro

    • 2018.11

      High Technology Expertise

    • 2017.05

      A Historic Moment

    • 2015.11

      C919 ROLL-OUT
      Recognized as the Model JV by COMAC

    • 2015.08

      Delivered Airborne System for C919

    • 2015.07

      US & EU
      Global Reach

    • 2015.06


    • 2015.01

      Grand Opening

    • 2013.12

      Signed With COMAC

    • 2012.03

      Legally Incorporated

    George Y. Chang
    George Y. Chang

    President & CEO

    George Y. Chang is appointed to this role in Feb. 2018. He reports to the Board of Directors of GE and AVIC Group.

    George spent 22 years at GE holding various leadership roles including Marketing Executive and Asia Sourcing Leader for GE Aviation, and General Manager for GE Aviation Suzhou Site. His most recent role was Aviation Sales Regional General Manager. George and his team closed over US$16B in new engine and services backlog. George has extensive experiences in leading cross functional teams on commercial execution, marketing, supply chain, program management and engineering programs.

    George holds an MSc in Materials Science & Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, and a BS of Physics and Physics-Engineering from Washington & Lee University.

    Zhu Zhiqiang
    Zhu Zhiqiang

    Executive Vice President & Deputy General Manager

    Dr. Zhu Zhiqiang is responsible for company operation including supply chain, manufacturing and quality management, customer service and MRO, as well as IT operation, information security, IoT and big data applications. Dr. Zhu also develops and manage strategic plan for partners and government relationships in China.

    He has 18+ years’ experience in electronics system design, and 16+ years’ experience in business management in avionics industry. He began his career as a software engineer at AVIC Group in 1984. Prior to joining AVAIGE SYSTEMS, he led a team of 400+ people and completed 30+ projects’ design, development and manufactory.

    Dr. Zhu holds a BS, MSc in computer science, and Ph.D. in Navigation, Guidance and Control from Northwestern Polytechnical University.

    Leo Liao
    Leo Liao


    In this role, Mr. Leo Liao is responsible for contemporizing the financial infrastructure and processes to support the long term growth for business. Partner with CEO, he formulates and executes the company's strategy, and accesses financial risks and opportunities to drives business sustainable growth and profitability.

    Leo has 31 years working experience with AVIC during which he has taken multiple professional and management roles from Chief Account, Finance Director, CFO to Vice President and General Manager in different segments and subsidiaries.

    Leo is a certified senior accountant. He graduated with a professional qualification in accountancy from Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management and obtained an Executive Master in Business Administrative (EMBA) from Beihang University.

    James Liu
    James Liu

    Vice President, Product Management

    Mr. James Liu takes overall leadership of product management in AVIAGE Systems. He is responsible for building a world-class product organization and driving the life cycle management of product portfolio and performance excellence of critical programs.

    James spent 20 years at GE holding various leadership roles including Sales Director, Sales Regional General Manager, and Aftermarket Solutions Regional General Manager for GE Aviation. James has extensive experiences in sales & marketing, business development, commercial operations, MRO and R&D in GE and two other industrial companies he has worked for.

    James holds a BE in Jet Propulsion from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, and an MBA from Norwegian School of Management. James is a certified Lean Six Sigma black belt.

    Jinsong Zheng
    Jinsong Zheng

    Vice President, Engineering

    Jinsong is responsible for the Engineering Function of AVIAGE SYSTEMS and is accountable for meeting our engineering commitments on all development programs. This includes both existing programs and the new product development activities. Jinsong’s focus is to shape AVIAGE SYSTEMS as the premier Engineering and Technical leader, to transform our Engineering organization and to build the capability for the long term company success.

    Jinsong joined AVIAGE SYSTEMS from GE UK in 2013 and took various lead roles in C919 program execution, R&D and CR929 pursuit.

    Prior to joining AVIAGE SYSTEMS, Jinsong worked on engine controls (FADEC) for a number of programs including B787, A380, A350, and A400M. He gained extensive knowledge and experience with multinational OEMs and tier one suppliers.

    Jinsong obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer & Communication Systems Engineering from University of Birmingham. He is a UK Engineering Council registered Chartered Engineer (CEng), and a member of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) UK.

    Justin Min
    Justin Min

    Vice President, BLU

    In this role, Justin leads our strategic marketing, product strategy, sales & business development and new product incubation for AVIAGE SYSTEMS.

    He worked as CEO of Donica Aviation Engineering Company before joining AVIAGE SYSTEMS. In his 26-plus years’ career, he has served multiple enterprises in aviation industry like China Eastern Airlines, Honeywell and AVIC-Haas Chemical (Tianjin), with experiences in Sales, Field Service, Customer Support and P&L Management.

    Justin earned his BS and MSc. in Aircraft Propulsion from Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics. He also obtained PMP Certification and CAAC Aircraft Maintenance Management License.

    Doreen Ding
    Doreen Ding

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    As business partner to the CEO and leadership team overlooking the company strategy for organization and people, Ms. Doreen Ding is responsible for setting the overall HR strategy, driving talent development, accelerating organization capability and building culture for the sustainable growth of AVIAGE SYSTEMS.

    Prior to this role, Doreen served in GE since 2007 where she held HR leadership roles across different business, developing and executing HR strategies by aligning structure, culture and talent development to the business goals. Graduated from GE’s Experienced Human Resources Development Program (EHRDP) in 2013, Doreen has further enhanced her global leadership and strategic HR domains. Before GE, Doreen had over 10 years’ experience in different multinational companies.

    Doreen holds a BS in Administration Management from East China University of Science and Technology.

    David Yu
    David Yu

    Vice President, Operations

    David Yu has been taking the overall leadership of AVIAGE SYSTEMS operation team. He is responsible for building an integral operation team from supply chain, manufacturing, quality, customer support and MRO service to grow AVIAGE SYSTEMS business strategy.

    David joined in AVIAGE SYSTEMS in January 2019 as Director of Operations. Prior to joining AVIAGE SYSTEMS, David has 13 years of experience in GE, followed by multiple operational leader roles in GE Aviation. Before GE, he took a R&D role in Panasonic.

    David got both his Bachelor and PhD degrees from BEIHANG University major in Aero-engine Engineering.

    About Us

    AVIAGE SYSTEMS is a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) .

    Building on a historic partnership between two world-leading aerospace companies, AVIAGE SYSTEMS aims to elevate the future of flight by unleashing our world-class talent, cutting-edge innovation and powerful partnerships.

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